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Autism Awareness Week: Day Two – Such Fun!


Views expressed by this autistic may or may not reflect the views of other autistics. They are based on my personal experiences which may or may not reflect the experiences of other autistics. Views are not intended to distress or offend. Please be respectful of each other at this vulnerable time. Please practice patience and understanding. Everybody is unique and everybody deserves to be heard and valued. Everybody is doing what they can. Let all past grievances be put aside. This might not be the crisis that we were expecting to be dealing with in the UK, but I do believe that this might be the one to remind us that we are all human and that love is always stronger than intolerance. If we work together, we can get through this. Keep hope alive for a better future.
(Autism advocate)

Autistics can be creative in many ways. Some of us write poetry. Here is one of mine.

If You Can…

If you can hold your tongue while all about you are waggling theirs;
If you can lose yourself within the magic pages of a book you hold dear;
If you can hug a well-worn bear in the sanctuary of your room day or night;
If you can find yourself within a cartoon beast of moral character;
If you can show compassion for those who are like you and those who are not;
If you can weep alone for the world that is dying and yet while there is life, there is hope;
If you can make a stand for what is right and not be swayed;
If you can choose the path of thorns;
If you can spread your tattered wings;
If you can be yourself, no matter what;
Then you’ll be the brave autistic soul that you are.

(With thanks to Rudyard Kipling for his poem, “If.”)

“Would You Like to See?”

One of my favourite autistic Youtubers has also composed a poem.

This is so beautiful and heart-felt. Not all autistics would feel comfortable talking to a camera or sharing their vulnerability, but professional Youtubers have learned the skills to do so. They are a vital source of encouragement and education.

Here is a video that a group of autistic Youtubers have put together on behalf of “The National Autistic Society” for spreading awareness to the public.

Goodbye and keep being kind.