Very British Futures – The Podcast

An ongoing chat podcast in which each episode Gareth Preston and his guests discuss a UK television science fiction programme. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Audible and many other platforms.

Index of Shows

Season One

1 The Pathfinders in Space Trilogy
Guests: Nigel A Anderson & Brian M Clarke

2 Knights of God
Guests: Dr Rebecca Wray & Kevin Hiley

3 The Tripods
Guests: Andrew Crines & Kevin Hiley

4 Star Maidens
Guests: Dr Rebecca Wray & Kevin Hiley

5 The Uninvited
Guests: Nicky Smalley & John Isles

6 Max Headroom
Guests: Amy Elizabeth & Steve Noble

7 Star Cops
Guests: Peter Grehen, Kevin Hiley & Dr Rebecca Wray

8 Threads
Guests: Rik Hoskin & Andrew Crines

9 The Nightmare Man
Guests: Ian Taylor & John Isles

10 Out of the Unknown
Guests: Stephen Hatcher & Dylan Rees

11 Kinvig
Guests: Charles Auchterlonie & Tim Reid

12 Outcasts
Guests: Dr Rebecca Wray, John Isles, Nicky Smalley

Music by Chatri Art ( )