Theatre Scripts

Rumplestiltskin 2015
Helpline Transcript (Best of Bolton, Octagon Theatre) 2014
Health Checkout (Best of Bolton, Octagon Theatre) 2013
Treasure Island (with Adrian Barradell) 2011
Aladdin (with Adrian Barradell) 2008
Dick Whittington (with Pam Hope) 2007

You can learn more about my pantomimes and the rights to produce them at www.lazybeescripts.co.uk  Please follow the links for individual scripts.

Audio Scripts

Phantom Frame
Agents of Psyence – Bloodlines (with Rik Hoskin) 2001

Conduct Unbecoming 2000
Available from BBV

Short Film Scripts

Hardy Productions UK
Stuck in the Groove 2014

Chess Piece 2012
Watch on YouTube

Westlake Films
K9 and Bloke 2014
A Man of Words 2008
Help Wanted 2000

Download A Man of Words and Help Wanted, amongst several other films from Westlake Films website.

Auton Diaries 2 (with John Isles) 2006
Available as a DVD extra on Auton 3: Awakening

Do You Have a License to Save This Planet? (with Paul Ebbs) 2001
Available to buy from BBV Productions

Short Stories

On a Cold Martian Night – Starburst Magazine #405 October 2014
Available to buy from Starburstmagazine.com


I am a regular movie reviewer for the Talking Pictures TV podcast.
Available on all major podcast platforms

Prevarication – a piece of word art, which was a runner up in neo:artists first national contemporary art competition in 2012 and exhibited in their gallery.

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