About the Author


Gareth Preston has been interested in writing most of his life. Starting with science fiction fanzines in the 1980’s, he has written short stories, radio, short film scripts, several pantomimes and a large catalogue of reviews and articles, both online and in magazines.

Although writing is the central path of his creative life, it has also led him into acting, audio post-production, film-making and being an active part of both his local theatre and arts community ,and the wider online world. Recently he has been increasingly involved in podcasting. He is a regular reviewer on the Talking Pictures TV podcast and produces his own series – Very British Futures.

He works as a university technician providing support for teacher training and health-related degree courses, and lives in Wigan, UK.

E-mail – gazhack@hotmail.com

Twitter – @gazhack

LinkedIn Profile – http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/gareth-preston/26/7b0/524/

Letterboxd Profile – https://letterboxd.com/gazhack/

Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/gazhack/

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