Video Production

This is a selection of the videos which I have filmed and edited. You can find the rest at my YouTube channel –

Manchester Metropolitan University

One of my jobs at Manchester Metropolitan University is producing podcasts and other video material for the Heath, and Education faculties. It can be an interesting challenge. Recently I assembled this montage of lockdown messages from tutors on the Secondary PGCE degree.

Bolton Little Theatre

I am currently producing a series of promotional podcasts for Bolton Little Theatre. They appear both on their website. and Facebook page. One for each of their major productions. The podcasts are gradually increasing in sophistication as I and the members become more assured with the medium. These and my poetry films are being released under my Phantom Frame brand.

Occasionally I produce performance videos for local poets, for use in our image-rich social media world!

Live from Worktown

A festival celebrating the performed word and bringing poetry to a new audience. You can find out more from So far there have been two festivals in 2014 and 2015.


A contemporary arts group in Bolton who encouraged me to explore visual arts a little further. Chess Piece was a comedy skit I wrote and filmed on their premises. A pawn wishes for more out of life.

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