Online Audio Drama

Phantom Frame

Agents of Psyence
Fantasy action series following a team of super-powered misfits as they fight the supernatural. Based on the independent comic created by Rik Hoskin. I directed, post-produced and wrote for the series.
You can now listen to the first two adventures on this page.

Talking Books
Several SF/horror short stories written read by a variety of writers and actors. I produced this series and contributed one story – Just for the Record. They were released on the now defunct website and for a short while I sold them on CD.

Broken Sea Audio Productions

Online internet community who have produced a wide range of audio series, both original and fan tribute. You can find out more about them at
They kindly host my unofficial adaptation of the DC Comics sequel to The Prisoner, called Shattered Visage, written by Dean Motter. I post-produced two seasons, which included an unofficial sequel written by myself.


The Pattern
As well as writing the Doctor Who spin-off Conduct Unbecoming for BBV, I also post-produced this one-off SF play written by Mark Duncan. It was released on CD and is now available at Audible. You can read more about it here –

Voice Acting

I have contributed to many online audio dramas and the occasional video as an actor. Whilst I prefer acting with other people in a room, there’s also satisfaction in creating a performance in isolation, with only my microphone and the script. I tend to record several inflections of each line, to give the editor some options. Here is a showreel of just some of my roles over the years.

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