Online Audio Drama

Phantom Frame

Agents of Psyence
Fantasy action series following a team of super-powered misfits as they fight the supernatural. Based on the independent comic created by Rik Hoskin. I directed, post-produced and wrote for the series.
You can now listen to the first two adventures on this page.

Talking Books
Several SF/horror short stories written read by a variety of writers and actors. I produced this series and contributed one story – “Just for the Record”.

Broken Sea Audio Productions

Online internet community who have produced a wide range of audio series, both original and fan tribute. You can find out more about them here:
They kindly host my unofficial adaptation of the DC Comics sequel to “The Prisoner”, called Shattered Visage, written by Dean Motter. I post-produced two seasons, which included an unofficial sequel written by myself.



The Pattern
As well as writing the Doctor Who spin-off “Conduct Unbecoming” for BBV, I also post-produced a one-off SF play written by Mark Duncan. It was released on CD and at the moment is available officially from Galaxy 4. You can read more about it here –


Voice Acting

I have contributed to many online audio dramas and the occasional video as an actor. Whilst I prefer acting with other people in a room, there’s also satisfaction in creating a performance in isolation, with only my microphone and the script. I tend to record several inflections of each line, to give the editor some options. Here is a showreel of just some of my roles over the years.

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