About Face

I originally wrote this short piece for my page on the neo:artists website. Originally I had intended it to be the center of a piece of art, full of imaginary sketches from God’s heavenly scribble pad.  As I’m no longer a member it has been taken down but I quite like this one, so I thought I would give it another airing on this blog. I hope you enjoy it too.

From:      God

To:          Uriel

Date:      Sixth Day

Subject:  Re: About the Face

Greetings. Thank you for your update, lots of big ideas there, really thinking outside of the mantle which I like. Frankly I think it’s too late to be making any major changes to Man’s body at this stage, though I agree that the monkeys do find prehensile tails useful. They would be handy for opening doors when Man’s hands are full. Did put a prototype together but ultimately I think a tail spoils the symmetry.

    Now I want you and your team to concentrate on finalising Man’s face. I appreciate that making Man in My image is bit vague when you are trying to map My multi-dimensional infinite measurements on to a three dimensional model, but looking at your designs so far I do not think you are quite there yet.

    Four eyes is excessive, if not paranoid. Don’t forget I’m giving Man FIVE senses including hearing and instinct.  Plenty enough for security. For similar reasons I think the nostrils need a more prominent structure. In some of your drawings Man looks too much like the snake and you know my feelings on THAT matter.

    However let me emphasise the many elements I have been pleased to behold. Firstly I like the variety. By readjusting the spaces between the components, it is surprising how many different versions can be created. And that’s before I get a look into changing the colour, size and thickness of the components. This might be a big statement, but potentially Man has an infinite range of appearances. Every one of My people can be a unique individual, a face that has never been seen before and never will be again. This reflects their souls, each one of which will be a one-off. If Man realises this, it should make him look after his brothers and sisters, and treat them well.

    Secondly these faces will also change in interesting ways over the life of Man too. With animals it often hard to read their stories in their faces. Perhaps a bit of greying in fur or scars, but otherwise once they are adults they’ll have to rely on other senses to read how old others of their kind are. Man however will have a face that will constantly change, and I feel become more personable as time passes. Good work there, I hope Man appreciates it.

    Yes keep the forehead uncluttered. Move the ears to either side and you get an interesting stereoscopic effect that is very handy for determining the location of a sound.

   Send me some revised sketches and I shall finalise the design. Hold on to that one with the eyes on either side of a spade-shaped head. Not very appropriate for Man but I’ve got a shark that’s missing something and I think that shape could be a good fit.

    Not long now till rest day!

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