Doctor Who – The Lost Episodes – Taking Part in the debate

My good friend filmmaker Nigel J Anderson has been hosting some film tuition nights at Manchester Central Library. For one of these evenings he was demonstrating how to film and edit a debate, and he asked John Isles, Anne Louise Fortune and myself to appear in the exercise. We are all knowledgeable Doctor Who fans and the subject under discussion was the remaining lost episodes of from the Sixties. Many episodes of the BBC science fiction series were wiped in the early Seventies, along with a lot of other black and white television, because the BBC felt they had no lasting artistic or commercial value.

It was a fun evening and I hope our small audience enjoyed it too. I think Nigel did a great job putting it all together in a slick package too. I just wish I had worn a more colourful sweater so I didn’t risk fading into the white wall behind us 🙂

William Hartnell Era

Patrick Troughton Era

Hope you find them interesting.

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