Our First

Unmade bed
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

I wrote this as entry to a recent flash fiction competition run by Creative Industries Trafford. It’s an attempt to get out of my comfort zone and write something in a completely new area for me – writing explicitly about sex. Hope you like it.

We lie together, side by side now, and I am enjoying our achievement. I slowly pass my hand from her shoulder which still bears the faint imprint of the bra strap, down her side, over the slight curve of her hip, communicating my tenderness. Her eyes are closed. Is that a smile on her lips for me? She makes a contended noise in the back of her throat and I feel a rush of relief. It’s far too warm for in the flat for sheets, leaving me free to see her pale skin, warmed by the tawny light coming through the blinds. I can see the patches that are a rougher pink, the shallow folds of fat around her hips and tummy, which I gently run my fingertips across. Her skin dimples to the pressure of those fingers. All my movements are steady and thoughtful now, no need to play her passionate strong man now, at least not for today. Now I am keen to project another kind of lover. One to hold her, to accept her. My other arm is around her and I have to shift it a little, get more comfortable. The movement stirs her face and she looks into mine.
“Was it what you expected?” she asks, smiling. She seems confident in my answer but there must be some fear there too? We danced for so long on our keyboards.
“No, it was better,” I reply. Of course I do. I want her to feel good, to feel loved. I want to live up to her hopes. I need her to think that I’m that man. My biggest desire for this night.
I move my hand around to her front. She rolls back a little on the peach coloured sheets which add to warmth of the picture, created from this bedroom. We smile at each other as my hand crosses the top of her thigh and finds her cock, now resting, trailed with our stickiness. As I hold its warmth she utters a deep murmur of appreciation, a little bit phony but I appreciate her performance.
This is fun, this sharing. This satisfying building up of each other’s fantasies.

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