The Living Numbers

Late last year I signed up to the Matchmaker.FM website, looking for potential new contributors to my series Very British Futures. Part of that membership was the option to offer myself as a guest for other people’s podcasts. To my surprise, Tony Rambles got in touch, inviting me to appear on his series The Living Numbers. This is a conversational podcast talking to people from many walks of life. As Tony himself puts it:

“The interview podcast where amazing people tell their stories through conversations with numbers, laughter and life lessons. Everyone is interesting if you ask the right questions.”

I accepted his kind invitation and recorded a pleasant conversation with him over Zoom just after the New Year’s day. Tony was an excellent, enthusiastic interviewer. We talked about my pantomime acting and writing, the origins of my podcast, and my career as a Technical Officer in higher education. You get to hear me err and pause a little more that usual too, because I try and edit those tics out of my own recordings. 🙂

You can hear the episode Chipper Screenwriter Gareth Preston Talks Supporting Roles, Acting and Pantomime on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and this link here

Many thanks to Tony for his curiosity and good humour, and I can certainly recommend his podcast for other, even more interesting interviews.

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